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Episode 74 - Don’t Mess with The Mooch
(Anthony Scaramucci)

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, like most New York Republicans, was a Trump supporter. That is, until he worked for him. The Mooch lasted less than 2 weeks in the Trump administration, and vows to do all in his power to keep The Donald from running for POTUS again. 

Anthony New Headshot.jpg

Anthony Scaramucci

Join Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht as they speak with Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci about 2022 elections, Republican tactics, and some of the most divisive political topics in the United States. What if Trump decides to run again? How will The Mooch plan to stop him? They cover politics, voting rights, bit coin, abortion, Biden, and vaccines…all as we close out year two of the pandemic with the death toll still rising.


Episode Timestamps:


03:26- Were you always a Republican? 


03:50 - Is Trump the same you knew?


04:31 -  Republican Party Tactics are working


08:28 -  Is the Republican party healable?


10:21 - The Mooch’s Assessment of Trump


12:23 - What if Trump runs again?


16:19 - 2022 and The House


20:00 - How do Trump supporters think?


21:13 - It’s too early to know who can replace Trump


22:51 - Vaccines


23:19 - The U.S. and China


24:52 - Abortion


27:19 – Brief explanation of how Crypto works


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis and Jane Albrecht

Produced by: Joey Salvia

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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