Episode 02 - Senator Henry Stern - Part 2: Education and Work

How does our US education system affect our economic status? Senator Henry Stern returns to discuss student loan concerns, job stability, technological advancements and state of Millennials addicted to their devices.

Henry Stern 2.png

Senator Henry Stern discusses the state of education in California and the US (1:32), from K-12 to college, including the status of public schools, teachers, salaries and current issues with student loans (11:59). They continue the discussion into creative economies and how to create a more stable job economy (16:03) including how it began with the GI Bill, the factory system and industrialization (20:00) and how we will evolve to balance technological advancement while still allowing people to provide for their family (21:51). They also discuss the Millennial state of being addicted to their phones and whether or not that's good (27:00).