Episode 11 - Dr. Suzanne Donovan - The Politics Of Outbreaks and Healthcare

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Suzanne Donovan joins triple-board certified physician Dr. Steven Taback, Historian Ed Larson, and CurtCo's CEO Bill Curtis for a conversation about the role of the CDC, the W.H.O. and preventing a Pandemic.


Dr. Suzanne Donovan talks about her work in Sierra Leone during a recent Ebola outbreak, the role and funding of the CDC and how the refugee crisis may be inviting an infectious disease pandemic. 1:30 - Sierra Leone and Ebola. 9:30 - Government cutting funding to CDC. 11:00 WHO and CDC descriptions. 12:00 - Ebola threat to the U.S. 13:10 - American Medical Association role. 14:40 - Role of Non-government organizations (NGO's) 17:30 - History of infectious disease and immunizations in the US. 25:10 - Limits of procedures and challenges of Universal Healthcare. 33:07 - Refugee crisis and a possible pandemic.