Episode 12 - Dan Caldwell - Impeachment and International Relations

What is the effect of the Presidential Impeachment on the international community and the gulf states? Guest professor Dan Caldwell offers his take with Ed Larson as he speaks on the history of US involvement in the Middle East.

Pepperdine Professor Dan Caldwell joins Historian Ed Larson to talk about Impeachment and its impact on international relations especially in the Middle East. 1:45 - Impeachment and its international ramifications. 2:30 - Similarities between court procedings and Impeachment. 5:30 How will the Senate vote? 6:45 - What do our allies think? 8:00 - What's the effect on internation "enemies"? 8:45 - What role does Israel, Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries play? 10:40 Arms Control versus an arms race. 13:10 - US influence and the world's police. 15:03 - Historic role of Russia in the gulf states and the US elections. 18:10 Russia compared to US Isolationism versus empire building. 19:55 short term tactics versus long term strategy. 21:00 Idealism versus pragmatism. 22:55 - The Unity Campaign and voter polarization.