Episode 13 - A Politics Hot Topic Episode - The Democrats present their impeachment case.

International Trade Attorney discusses the impeachment and the democratic strategy with Bill Curtis and Historian Ed Larson.

Hosts Bill Curtis and Ed Larson join Jane Albrecht in an impeachment update, Adam Schiff's comments, how does the impeachment trial play into the democrats election strategy topics are discussed. (2:00) Adam Schiff's remarks on "right matters" (3:30) Jane Albrecht on integrity. (5:15) The case and chance of having witnesses called. (6:30) Is 'self dealing' impeachable? (8:45) is the trial a 'show' for the election? (11:20) The politics of the Clinton and Trump impeachment trials. (12:40) Did Clinton pass the "So What" test? Does Trump? (15:50) Democrats playing to their base. (17:40) Al Gore's election loss caused by the Clinton impeachment. (19:20) Democratic strategy for the nomination and the general election. (22:00) Dirty Politics. (24:00) Which Democratic candidate has the best chance of defeating Donald Trump? (25:30) Schiff's comment about counting on Donald Trump.