Episode 15 - Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim: Antitrust, Consumer Protection, and Privacy

The most feared man in Washington; The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger: What is an antitrust violation? How do Antitrust laws protect us as consumers? How do they protect businesses? Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim for the Department of Justice discusses consumer rights and the role of technology in government.

Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ Antitrust Division discusses antitrust law, monopolies, and the role of the Antitrust division on mergers, protecting business, competition, and the rights of the consumer. (1:00) What 'Antitrust' is and what it is not. (2:15) Makan Delrahim discusses the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. (6:50) Political Lobbies and the effect of lobbying. (9:00) Monopolies, Consent Decrees, and the effect of technology. (13:30) Privacy and data protection in Antitrust. (15:30) Spam on mobile devices and a 'Do Not Call' list. (21:00) Retaining the customer's choice and protecting entrepreneurs.

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