Episode 17 - Public Transportation Grows Up

The future of public transportation: How does technology drive public transportation? Wunder Mobility VP, Melika Jahangiri, and mobilty advocate, Rudy Salo, talk about how the infrastructure of public transportation is driven by technology and where the future of public transport may take us.

Wunder Mobility VP, Melika Jahangiri and mobilty advocate, Rudy Salo talk about the future of pubic transportation and the infrastructure challenge. (2:30) What is Micro-mobility and what products are available. (3:30) How to use eScooters. (5:00) What are the goals and how to pay for infrastructure. (7:20) How much does it cost. (8:00) who are the customers of micro-mobility. (9:10) permitting process. (11:00) What are the challenges? (16:01) Educating the public. (17:00) How does US compare to Europe? 

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