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Episode 20- Dan Caldwell: Afghanistan and The Taliban - Part 2

Dan Caldwell

Professor Dan Caldwell, author of "Vortex of Conflict: U.S. Policy Toward Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq" literally wrote the book on US policy regarding Afganistan, the Taliban, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Political Science Professor Dan Caldwell offers his take on the negotiations between the Taliban and the United States. (3:05) Who is the US negotiating with? (3:50) What are the taliban's goals? (6:30) The role of Pakistan. (12:00) US Troop withdrawal. (14:40) The Chief US Negotiator. (17:30) What will the final agreement look like? (20:00) The role of women in Afghanistan. (22:20) What will the US occupation of Afghanistan look like going forward?

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