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Episode 28 - A Doctor Contracts The

COVID-19 Virus with Dr. Varinder Singh

Coronavirus: What is it like to get it - and survive? The personal perspective of Dr. Varinder Singh - a physician who not only treats COVID-19 patients, but became a patient being treated for COVID-19.

Dr. Singh describes what it's like to contract the Coronavirus. He discusses how the disease effected his practice and how it enhanced his relationship with the COVID-19 patients he treats. He discusses COVID care, the safety of emergency facilities, and the balance of staff safety and health.

(2:00) What it's like to contract COVID-19.

(6:00) The challenges of "opening society".

(7:30) Shortages PPE.

(9:15) Ventilators and the staff needed to operate them.

(12:00) Heart Disease, Lung Disease, and the effect of COVID.

(19:15) NYC 7pm Salute to Healthcare workers

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