Episode 36 - Empathy Vs Values:

with Activists and Authors

Gregg Hurwitz and Billy Ray

Video Courtesy of Creative Consortium | Created by Gregg Hurwitz and Billy Ray

Screenwriter Billy Ray and Author Gregg Hurwitz explain why Conservatives and Liberals seem constantly at odds politically and how to best communicate with each other during polarized times. They suggest that, on many issues, we agree more than we disagree.

In this episode screenwriter Billy Ray and author Gregg Hurwitz discuss the differences between Republicans and Democrats. They present practical ways to have good faith discussions with each other. Ray and Hurwitz acknowledge there are valid reasons for Republicans to support Trump and for Democrats to support Biden. They suggest that both sides agree politically more than we disagree and that politicians and corporations play on individual fear. Gregg Hurwitz relates his experience with cults and messaging. Billy Ray concedes there are problems on both political sides. Historian Ed Larson lists the reason why Republicans support Trump. Ray and Hurwitz state their case for how Donald Trump was elected in 2016.


4:00 - How to communicate with Conservatives and Liberals

7:30 - Personality traits in Republicans and Democrats

12:15 - Ed Larson on Culture War and Wedge Issues

16:15 - Political positioning and cults

21:30 - Conceding that we can agree to disagree on many issues and personalities.

23:10 - How to appeal to Conservatives

26:15 - How Hillary lost in 2016


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis

Guests: Gregg Hurwitz and Billy Ray

Producer: Mike Thomas

Edited by: Aj Moseley

Sound Engineering by: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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