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Episode 39 - The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times: Anthropologist

Wade Davis Presents

The Unraveling Of America

Anthropologist and author Wade Davis discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused America to decline and what can be done to revitalize the nation.

Anthropologist Wade Davis explains the importance of the study of Anthropology in a way that will entice you to become an Anthropologist. He discusses his Rolling Stone love letter, "The Unraveling Of America" and states the case that America has survived in the past and can thrive in the future. Professor Ed Larson and Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht debate the history of the so-called rugged individualist versus "Me-ism". Ed Larson and Wade Davis discuss regulating the Internet, and Professor talks about his newest book, "Magdalena, River Of Dreams."


4:15 - What is Anthropology

4:50 - Rolling Stone's Unraveling Of America

7:00 - The effect of COVID 19 on America

9:30 - Quarantine in Canada versus the US

10:55 - Individual versus "Me-ism"

12:50 - History of Individualism in America

16:35 - Response to Rolling Stone article

17:20 - Wade Davis's "Signs Of Progressive Change"

18:00 - Regulating the Internet

20:50 - Fairness Doctrine

21:45 - "Roadmap Of Hope" Rolling Stone followup article

23:00 - Description of Leadership

25:45 - Wade Davis talks about his new book "Magdalena, River Of Dreams"


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis, Ed Larson and Jane Albrecht

Guest: Anthropologist Wade Davis

Produced & edited by: Mike Thomas

Sound Engineering by: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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