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Episode The Making Of A President 2020 with Journalist Walter Shapiro

Journalist Walter Shapiro joins co-hosts Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht and Historian Ed Larson to discuss how the media's reporting has changed during this pandemic-altered campaign season.

Walter Shapiro is a veteran of eleven Presidential campaigns. In this episode he brings his insights and observations about how coverage has changed campaigning during the pandemic. Ed Larson relates how debates have changed throughout history. Jane Albrecht wonders if - in the race for ratings and clicks - the news media has lost sight of their purpose. The panelists present their views on future campaigning and if the country can return to the middle ground.



2:15 - How has Presidential campaign coverage changed,

3:40 - The history of press coverage since 1960,

6:00 - Was the Press responsible for Donald Trump,

6:50 - Ratings and the press,

8:25 - History of partisan news,

10:15 - Can the media return to unbiased coverage?,

12:35 - Will the 2020 Presidential debates change minds?,

14:45 - Do National polls matter?,

15:5 - How has the pandemic changed campaigning,

17:35 - Faith in Government,

23:50 - Being a speech writer for Jimmy Carter


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Hosted by: Jane Albrecht and Ed Larson

Guest: Journalist Walter Shapiro

Produced & edited by: Mike Thomas

Sound Engineering by: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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