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Episode 43 - 'Polling Revisited' with Monmouth University Polling Expert

Patrick Murray

In this special re-release, we revisit our episode with the polling expert from Monmouth University Mr. Patrick Murray.

Patrick Murray, founding director of the Monmouth University Poll, talks about his 20+ year career conducting media polling and custom-designed research projects for a variety of clients including what he was seeing in polls pre-pandemic versus now, during these unprecedented times, and how the 2020 election might be affected. Patrick demystifies the world of polling and helps explain how we should and shouldn’t approach the results come election time.


1:47 How did Patrick first get started in poling

3:40 How can we tell if we are getting an honest opinion from pollsters

6:50 What lessons did we learn from the 2016 election

8:02 Does Patrick poll for the electoral college or the popular vote

10:22 Was the 2016 election poling so skewed because people were too afraid to vocalize their backing for President Trump

13:20 How are pollsters controlling for all the unique variables that the 2020 election brings

14:43 Patrick shares actionable advice when viewing the upcoming 2020 polls

16:40 How are the upcoming polls being affected by the pandemic

17:50 Does it matter who is funding the polls

20:05 Patrick rates the effects of all the popular stances and how they will ultimately sway who the public votes for


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis, Jane Albrecht, and Ed Larson

Guest: Monmouth University Polling Expert, Patrick Murray

Produced & edited by: Mike Thomas

Sound Engineering by: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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