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Episode 46 - Unelected with Political Scientist Norman Ornstein

Our country stands on the precipice of a new future and Donald Trump is not going to go quietly. But we, as a society, can decide to come together to take on our common enemies: a virus, unemployment, economic stress, prejudices, and more. Political Scientist and Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Norm Ornstein, breaks down the issues we face post-election, including: what to expect during the presidential transition, the growing divide between metropolitan and suburban areas, and the future of 'The State of Trump.'

Will there be a peaceful transition of power between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and what moves can we expect to see from Trump as he grips on to his last days as President? 

Norman Ornstein, renowned political scientist, contributor to CNN, FOX, The Atlantic, the National Journal, and NPR, and author joins Bill Curtis, Pulitzer Prize Winning Historian Ed Larson, and International Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht, to break down our current, somewhat unprecedented political situation including what will happen if Donald Trump refuses to leave the White House, Trump's plan to fire career-political positions with his new Schedule F class, a possible new 'Trump TV' media plan, and what to do if you feel stuck in the middle as a Fiscal Conservative, but a Social Liberal.



3:28 Has there ever been a president that didn’t accept being elected out of office?

4:20 What should we expect from President Trump in these next few months as the Biden transition initiates?

6:36 Can President Trump pardon himself from a charge that hasn’t been issued yet?

7:34 What sort of troubling executive orders is President Trump issuing as he begins to step away?

11:40 The cult of President Trump and what to expect with the stimulus package.

13:30 Fiscal conservatives and their place in the current political landscape.

15:25 The state of the Federal budget 

17:58 Upcoming adoption rights for LGBTQ families as well as abortion rights

19:00 President Trump running again in 2024

21:36 Will President Trump start his own media network?

22:25 The division in American between the metropolitan areas and the fly-over cities 

24:24 Will the State of New York go after President Trump for tax fraud?

28:33 Norman shares a personal story about an interaction with Joe Biden


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Hosted by: Bill Curtis, Jane Albrecht, and Ed Larson

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

Sound Engineering by: Steve Riekeberg

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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