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Episode 26 - Dr. Megan Hosey:

Peace of Mind (In the ICU)

(Johns Hopkins Series Part 5)

Leading Patient Psychological Care: Dr. Megan Hosey, Johns Hopkins Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Assistant Professor, discusses her work in providing frontline psychological care to patients in the ICU. In an extremely unique field, Dr. Megan Hosey is gifted with the powerful skillset of providing warmth and psychological support to ICU patients in very troubled times.


Image courtesy of Dr. Megan Hosey

Dr. Megan Hosey specializes in helping patients with neuropsychological rehabilitation, chronic illness, critical illness, acute and chronic pain management, and health psychology intervention.

In this dedicated series, we're showcasing the medical breakthroughs and innovations from one of the world's most preeminent hospitals: Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Johns Hopkins Medicine is dedicated to improving the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research, and clinical care.

Episode Timestamps:


2:13 What are some of the new challenges that COVID has brought to Dr. Hosey’s work in the ICU

4:32 Techniques that can help physicians ease the mind of a delirious patient

5:50 How can physicians provide the right kind of psychological support without an ICU psychologist on staff?

9:20 How should patients handle anxiety in the ICU vs outside the ICU

11:42 Where does a lot of the anxiety stem from in the ICU?

14:22 How does Dr. Hosey manage the family in relation to COVID patients?

16:05 What can family members do to better help out their loved ones in the ICU?

19:06 How important is a positive attitude for the patient?

21:24 The psychological affect of treating COVID patients in the ICU during the strongest COVID surge last year

23:50 How has COVID changed Dr. Hosey’s life?

27:45 Who’s gonna take care of the healthcare workers dealing with PTSD after COVID-19?


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Produced & Edited by: AJ Moseley

Hosted by: Dr. Steven Taback & Bill Curtis

Sound Engineering by: Steve Reikeberg

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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