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Episode 29 -

Smart Cranial Implants - The Brain 2.0

with Dr. Chad Gordon

(Johns Hopkins Series Part 8)

Dr. Chad Gordon joins the show as the Director of Neuroplastics and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine. He specializes in complex skull reconstruction, facial reconstruction, and is on the cutting edge of Smart Cranial Implants

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In our final installment for our Johns Hopkins series, hosts Dr. Steven Taback and Bill Curtis are joined by founder of the field and Johns Hopkins Director of Neuroplastic Facial Reconstruction, Dr. Chad Gordon.

In this episode, Dr. Gordon illuminates the groundbreaking developments in Smart Cranial Implants, and shares his passion for the importance of a dedicated Neuroplastic Facial Reconstructive Surgeon. Dr. Gordon shares how his team is leading the charge in building the next evolution of skull and neurological care via Customized Cranial Implants. You won’t want to miss this enlightening conversation!

We want to deeply thank Johns Hopkins Medicine for helping us showcase the outstanding medical breakthroughs and innovations from their preeminent hospital. We wish your whole institution nothing but the best moving forward.

Johns Hopkins Medicine is dedicated to improving the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research, and clinical care.


2:08 What is the field of neuroplastic reconstructive surgery?

3:05 Is neuroplastic reconstructive surgery classified as cosmetic?

4:22 What is the original need for a neuroplastic reconstructive surgeon?

6:39 Whats the difference to what a neuroplastic reconstructive surgeons and a brain surgeon?

8:08 Does insurance generally cover skull reconstruction?

8:33 What is the cause for the rise in neuroplastic reconstructive cases?

10:13 What are smart cranial implants?

12:01 What should local surgeons do to preempt the necessity for neuroplastic reconstruction?

13:53 Why did Dr. Gordon decide to bypass the lucrative field of cosmetic surgery?

15:31 The evolution of neuroplastic reconstruction and how robotics plays into the field

19:42 Dr. Steve shares what a craniotomy is and why it would be used

23:07 Use cases of skull implants of the future

26:00 Modifying the brain over the next 100 years

27:17 Side effects of replacing the skull with plastic

29:01 Dr. Gordon’s take on the future of neuroplastic reconstructive care

31:00 How can local neurosurgeons reach out to Dr. Gordon for help/info?


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Produced & Edited by: AJ Moseley

Hosted by: Dr. Steven Taback & Bill Curtis

Sound Engineering by: Steve Reikeberg

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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