Episode 07 - Dr. Howard Jay Fullman

What is the next innovation in medical technology? Dr. Howard Jay Fullman discusses the newest high quality, cutting-edge medical technology, and healthcare costs while maintaining quality patient outcomes all while balancing insurance coverage.

Dr. Taback and Dr. Fullman discuss patient outcomes, healthcare costs, and insurance. (2:50) challenges of healthcare (4:35) Preventive healthcare and financial incentives for hospitals. (6:35) challenges of insurance coverage and medicare. (7:50) Creating better patient outcomes. (13:10) Sharing data and best practices. (16:30) How the money is spent. (21:25) VA hospitals care and costs. (24:50) Heart conditions and new technology to improve outcomes. (27:20) pharmaceuticals and drug costs. (32:00) Prostate surgery, DaVinci robot and high-tech solutions. (35:15) Social determinants of healthcare.