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Episode 08 - Dr. Suzanne Donovan: The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus: Everything You Need To Know: Infectious Disease Specialist and Infection Control Expert, Dr. Suzanne Donovan talks about this disease spreading the world and what we can do - or need to do - to protect ourselves

Dr. Steven Taback, Bill Curtis and Dr. Suzanne Donovan discuss: (2:30) COVID-19 versus SARS. (5:50) Number of people infected by those with synptoms. (7:00) The difference between the Flu and Coronavirus. (8:20) CDC risk factors. (9:40) Incubation period. (12:10) Is wearing a mask effective? (13:00) Is media reporting causing panic? (15:00) Quarantine in China. (17:00) Administration response to outbreaks. (19:30) Who is in most danger? (22:30) Clinical response and Hospital response. (30:00) Protection against the virus.

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