Episode 10 - A Coronavirus Update with Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Suzanne Donovan

PANDEMIC! What we need to know (and do) about the Coronavirus. Who is most at risk from COVID-19 and how to protect yourself from this spreading disease? Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Suzanne Donovan, and host, Dr. Steven Taback, provide the latest information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak around the world.

(1:00) Is Airline travel safe? (1:30) The White House Response. (7:30) What tests are used for COVID-19? (10:30) Which patients are most at risk from getting COVID-19? (18:50) Urgent care workers and patients. (23:15) What can the public do to guard against this virus? (25:30) Telecommuting and stay at home recommendations. 

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