Episode 11 - "How To Cope During A Crisis" with Therapist

Sharon Ellenbogen

How are you feeling today? With a worldwide pandemic going on, there's a lot to cope with: family, isolation, stress, and so much more. Family Therapist, Sharon Ellenbogen, and Robb Report Health & Wellness Editor, Janice O'Leary, share how to cope during these unprecedented times.

Family Therapist Sharon Ellenbogen and Robb Report Health & Wellness Editor Janice O'Leary talk about coping with the emotional stress of dealing with isolation, social distancing and the effect on individuals and families in a time of COVID-19.

(1:00) Five Stages Of Grief, (4:30) Dealing with Anger, (5:30) The timeline of grief, (8:00) Job loss, (10:30) Past experience and PTSD (13:30) Uncertainty and a cultural shift, (16:30) Singles and elderly at home, (20:15) Kids at home and relationships at home, (22:00) Intimacy and passion, (24:15) How can each person help?

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