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Episode 14 - Dr. Varinder Singh: Coronavirus At Ground Zero

Dr. Varinder Singh of Lenox Hill Hospital Group in NYC gives a personal view of what it's like to contract COVID - 19. He describes his two weeks of isolation, the effect the disease has had on his practice, his family, and his life.

Dr. Singh describes what it's like to contract the Coronavirus. He discusses how the disease effected his practice and how it enhanced his relationship with the COVID-19 patients he treats. He discusses COVID care, the safety of emergency facilities, and the balance of staff safety and health.

(2:00) What it's like to contract COVID-19. (6:00) The challenges of "opening society". (7:30) Shortages PPE. (9:15) Ventilators and the staff needed to operate them. (12:00) Heart Disease, Lung Disease, and the effect of COVID. (19:15) NYC 7pm Salute to Healthcare workers

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