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Episode 16 - A Coronavirus Update with Dr. Steven Taback

A COVID-19 Update. Dr. Taback catches us up to all the relevant information relating to COVID, as well as answers some burning questions like: Will it be safe to get the vaccine? Can pets spread the virus? Should young people worry about permanent lung damage after contracting the virus? And much more.

Host and quadruple board-certified Dr. Steven Taback runs down all the new news related to COVID-19 since our last pandemic episode. Dr. Taback also shares some personal experience on dealing with difficult end-of-life situations.(2:35) How does exercise help prevent COVID-19? (3:25) How bad is alcohol for preventing the virus? (3:54) Why does the US have so many more cases than every other country? (9:24) Why are there more cases of African Americans contracting the virus over Caucasians? (10:40) Should young people worry about permanent lung damage after coming int contact with COVID-19? (13:28) How close are we to getting a vaccine, and will it be safe? (17:53) Can you contract the virus twice? (20:34) Is it safe to send kids back to school? (25:09) The virus and various surfaces. (29:34) Can pets spread the disease? (32:15) COVID-19 and blood types. (33:44) Hospitals handling typical patients alongside COVID-19 patients. (37:26) Dealing with death as a doctor.

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Produced by: Mike Thomas and Aj Moseley

Edited by: Aj Moseley

Hosted by: Bill Curtis and Dr. Steven Taback

Sound Engineering by: Michael Kennedy

Theme Music by: Celleste & Eric Dick

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