Episode 17 - Dr. Howard Fullman: COVID, Probiotics, and the Impact of Coronavirus on the Future of Medicine

Bacteria, probiotics and COVID. Should we be exposing our children to more bacteria?  Should everyone be taking a probiotic? Gastroenterologist Dr. Howard Fullman joins the podcast to discuss some thoughts on COVID-19 and its relating politics. Dr. Steven Taback and Dr. Howard Fullman also discuss the efficacy of probiotics, and share some thoughts on building a pandemic-proof immune system.

Board Certified Doctor of Internal Medicine and Gastroentrology Dr. Howard Fullman joins the show again to chat about COVID-19 and its politics, as well as shine light on some intriguing questions related to the gut. 



(1:44) The extremely low virus rate of Japan is compared to the world leading rate of the US, and Dr. Howard as well as Dr. Steven Taback share some possible reasons why.

(11:13) Should less vulnerable people be allowed to go back to work?

(12:55) If the US was suddenly to get a new administration, would the disease have been as damaging as it ultimately was?


(15:26) The doctors explain some thoughts on why the death rate has dramatically been reduced from 4 months ago.


(19:51) Has Dr. Fullman’s specialty of Gastroenterology been specifically affected by COVID19.


(21:15) Should parents be worried about overly sterilizing their children’s environment?


(23:42) What can the average person be doing to help build their immune system?


(24:34) The doctors discuss their feelings on the “probiotic craze” that we are seeing in the US market.


(29:01) Dr. Fullman shares some interesting insight on the brain-gut connection, especially in relation to mental illness.


(31:55) To wrap up the show, both Dr. Taback and Dr. Fullman share how their profession has been affected by the virus, and some of the ways the virus will change the field of medicine permanently. 

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Produced by: Aj Moseley

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Hosted by: Dr. Steven Taback

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