Episode 18 - Dr. Philippe Friedlich: Pediatric Surgery, Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia, Pre-Mature Births, and CHLA

Dr. Philippe Friedlich, the man with the golden soul, joins us this to discuss his lifesaving work as a pediatric surgeon and neonatologist this week! His many unique techniques, a cause for autism, premature births, and of course a quick update on how COVID has affected his profession are also touched on.

A complete science of its own, Bill, Dr. Taback, and Dr. Philippe Friedlich dive into the world of fetal care and neonatal medicine in this exciting episode. (2:19) Dr. Friedlich explains how the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is handling COVID-19, and what sorts of procedures they have in place for quelling the spread of the virus as well as the fear that surrounds it. (4:41) Percentages and details surrounding premature births are discussed, as well as some of the complications that can result. (7:06) Dr. Friedlich dives into the fascinating technique of cooling a child’s brain in an MRI and why he would do such a thing. The doctors also discuss ECMO machines and how their usage varies from neonatal to adult care. (10:34) The microscopic non-invasive procedure of keyhole repairs is discussed and the miracle of repairing extremely fragile fetal organs with this new technology. (12:46) Dr. Friedlich discuses some of the significant advances that his team at CHLA has made for the whole medical world. (16:42) Communicating with parents about hard to swallow issues relating to their child, and the importance of touch and the presence of family around ailing children is discussed. (20:22) Following the break, Bill poses the question: “What sort of cases/cures can medicine not entirely explain?” (22:51) Dr. Taback and Dr. Friedlich discuss brain development in relation to the early nurturing stage for a child. (26:03) In this section, Dr. Friedlich goes into more detail about the logistical process that CHLA run’s in order to transport and operate on neonates getting transferred into the center. (27:54) Dr. Taback asks Dr. Friedlich if working in neonatology has influenced his view on a women’s right to choose vs pro-life. (31:02) Is autism a neonatal issue? What sort of things can contribute to developing child falling on the spectrum? (32:32) Dr. Friedlich finishes the podcast by discussing the achievements he is most proud of accomplishing at CHLA. 

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Produced & Edited by: Aj Moseley

Hosted by: Dr. Steven Taback & Bill Curtis

Sound Engineering by: Michael Kennedy

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