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Personal Journeys into the Unknown with the Extraordinary Adventure Club’s Calum Morrison

Would you go on a trip if you had no idea where you were going or what you were going to do? Extraordinary Adventure Club founder Calum Morrison creates life-changing journeys tailored to the needs and goals of each client. But Morrison’s plans—and the transformational adventures he leads—are always a mystery to the client.

Extraordinary Adventure Club Founder Calum Morrison joins Travel that Matters to talk about the truly transformational travel experiences he curates for his clients. The former British Royal Marine and his team of life coaches, trainers, survival experts, and other specialists create highly personalized journeys of self-discovery for their clients—but the clients have no idea where they’re going. 


After an initial retreat in a secret wilderness location, the EAC team assesses the individual’s needs and goals before crafting a long-term program of personal fulfillment. Core to that program is an extended adventure to an unknown destination—the participant usually finds out where they’re going once they arrive at the airport and are handed a large black envelope with instructions. Calum’s team has taken clients across the Sudan by camel, through Southern Africa on motorcycles, across the frozen tundra by dog sled, and into the Ecuadoran jungle, where they lived with an Amazonian tribe. Whatever the destination, the surprises continue throughout the journey.

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During his conversation with Bruce, Calum shares fascinating tales of his time in combat zones, his years growing up in the Scottish Highlands, and how he came to start the Extraordinary Adventure Club. He also addresses how the uncertainty baked into the EAC’s trips plays a large part in teaching travelers to let go of their preconceived concepts. Not knowing what is going to happen next—and being okay with not knowing—is an integral part of the process. 


Calum believes that where you take people is less important than what you do at the location—and that it’s essential to be able to change plans on the fly. He is clear on the fact that the EAC is not an adventure travel company; it is a personal development company that uses travel as a tool for self-improvement. Having the flexibility to adjust certain aspects of a trip to cater to an individual’s progress is essential to the process. 


The EAC journeys may be life-altering trips for clients, but they are for Calum as well. He shares some of his own memorable experiences and the bonds he forms with the people who travel with him—and how they extend far beyond the trip itself. 

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Hosted by: Bruce Wallin

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley & Darra Stone

Music by: Joey Salvia

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