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Extreme Superyacht Adventures
with EYOS Expeditions CEO Ben Lyons

Exploring Antarctica or the Arctic on an ice-breaking superyacht might be the ultimate luxury adventure. Such trips are the specialty of EYOS Expeditions, whose CEO, Ben Lyons, leads us on an incredible journey to some of the hardest-to-reach regions on Earth.   

Journeys to remote destinations like Antarctica, the Arctic, and Papua New Guinea are already ultimate adventures. Add a private superyacht to the equation, and those adventures soar to a whole new level. Such trips are the specialty of EYOS Expeditions, whose CEO, Ben Lyons, speaks to Bruce about these incredible journeys, his own personal adventures, and his passion for the extreme regions EOS explores.

The primary advantage to a yacht charter over, say, a standard cruise, is that you can explore these remote destinations on your own terms. No tour schedules or set meal times—it’s all up to you and, of course, the elements. From being able to stop and watch a pod of killer whales or spend an extra night surrounded by ice, itineraries are adaptable to the individual and the situation.  



EYOS helps yacht owners prepare their boats for extreme conditions before leading them on these expeditions. The company also charters expedition-ready yachts for clients who do not have their own boat. In either scenario, most of the yachts are specially equipped to break through the ice, which is where Ben says, “the real magic happens.” The ice itself comes in sizes ranging from a baseball to 17 miles long, and in an array of colors. This natural beauty is what draws Ben back again and again, but wildlife encounters also drive the journeys. 


Antarctica is full of wildlife, where you are almost certain to see penguins, whales, and other creatures. Ben, however, feels that the animal encounters in the Arctic are even more special, where a longer search might lead to a single—and singularly spectacular—sighting of a polar bear on a massive sheet of ice.  

Ben also discusses how he and his colleagues are witnessing the effects of climate change in the polar regions first-hand. Most evident, he says, is the lengthening of the seasons in which you can travel to these regions, with trips to the Arctic now possible in May and to Antarctica in October. He concedes the severity of the situation—and that his trips contribute to the problem by having a large carbon footprint. However, he and his colleagues are passionate about preserving these environments—it is why they do what they do—and they strive to instill that passion in their clients. EYOS internally offsets carbon emissions and encourages clients to offset their own emissions. More importantly, EYOS has helped raise approximately $5 million for conservation efforts in the area’s the company explores. 

It is essential, Ben concludes, to have an unforgettable experience in these remote destinations—and to preserve them for future generations.

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Hosted by: Bruce Wallin

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley & Darra Stone

Music by: Joey Salvia

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