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Epic Family Travel from Mauritius to Japan with One&Only's Philippe Zuber

Philippe Zuber is the CEO of Kerzner International behind the renowned One&Only Resorts group. He is also an expert on family travel, a subject that he and Bruce dive into in this inspiring and informative episode of Travel That Matters. Philippe shares his unique approach to family vacations as well as some of his favorite destinations around the world, from the streets of Tokyo to the remote island of Rodrigues.

Philippe starts by sharing his favorite family destination, the little-known Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean. Part of Mauritius, Rodrigues is a rare find in today’s world, a place that has truly preserved its historic culture, beautiful land- and seascapes, and laid-back island lifestyle.


Next, Philippe talks about a decision he and his wife made when their two sons were young. They created a family policy by which each of the boys could choose a vacation destination anywhere in the world when they turned 10 and 20. The boys have both researched and selected their destinations in great detail, leading their parents so far on adventures through Vietnam, California, and Rwanda. Philippe believes that empowering his children in this way has led to greater engagement for them as well as better travel experiences for him and his wife.


One common theme to Philippe’s family trips is food. He believes the power of food is transcendental to cultures and that his children’s education has benefitted from the many different flavors they’ve tasted around the world. The country that has stood out the most in terms of food is Japan, which, for many reasons, Philippe believes is one of the best destinations for families with teenagers.

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Regarding the age of children and how that informs travel decisions, Philippe sees the experience as a progression with stepping stones along the way. Younger kids especially need downtime, and there is a ceiling to the number of cultural experiences they can enjoy and absorb. For older children, Philippe suggests allowing them to pick the itinerary for an entire day during your trips. The Zuber's frequently do this on vacations, where each member of the family is responsible for one day’s planning, budgeting, and scheduling. He says it has led to a bit of friendly competition and a host of new experiences that would never have come to fruition otherwise. It also allowed the family members who weren’t in charge of the day’s itinerary to truly relax during their off days.

Philippe also dives into his family’s life-changing experience in Rwanda, where One&Only operates two resorts, Gorilla’s Nest and Nyungwe House. He then gives us the inside scoop on some of the company’s other new resorts, from the spectacular Mandarina in Mexico—where Bruce interviewed him in person—to properties in Montenegro, Athens, Greece’s Kéa Island, and Big Sky, Montana.


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Bruce's IG: @Brucewallintravel

Hosted by: Bruce Wallin

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

Music by: Joey Salvia

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