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Sports, Music, and Gaming; The Evolution of Live Events with Wasserman CEO Casey Wasserman

How will live entertainment evolve post pandemic?  How is tech evolving the live experience in music and sports? Will streaming continue to gobble up the TV/Movie industries? Our guest Casey Wasserman (CEO and Chairman of Wasserman) is at the forefront of all these questions and shares his key insights on the premiere episode of Tech vs Media.

Meet Casey Wasserman, Chairman and CEO of Wasserman, Chairperson of the Super-bowl in LA next week, Chairman of the 2028 Olympics coming to LA and a very generous philanthropist following in the footsteps of his grandfather Lew Wasserman the original Media Mogul.

In this episode we will learn about Wasserman and the 3000 athletes and 2000 musicians that they represent in addition to the social media marketing companies they have acquired.


We will delve into such topics such as live concerts, live sporting events, how they have changed because of Covid and how they should change using the adoption of technology to create a better experience for fans in arena's and stadiums. 

And finally we will touch on mental health issues given some brave athletes who have been outspoken about their own mental health challenges


4:10 What does Wasserman do? Who and what categories do they represent? 

5:10 Why does Casey choose to be in the categories of sports and music?

5:46 Has the pandemic accelerated the evolution of live performances? 

6:30 The power of live performances and their longevity through the evolution of tech

8:26 Where is VR/AR going in relation to live entertainment? 

11:18 Is streaming gobbling up the TV/Music industry? What will happen to the movie theater experience? 


14:49 How will the increase of bandwidth affect sports and tech in the future? 


16:50 Casey explains what dynamic pricing within live sports can look like


20:38 What is Wasserman doing within e-sports, and how early in the life cycle is the space?


23:54 What are Casey’s thoughts on NFT’s, both in relation to sports and where it might head in the future?


26:33 How does Casey keep a pulse on the world? Where does he allocate his time?


29:00 Casey chats about Wasserman acquiring the North American assets of Paradigm Music.


30:52 What sort of impact did Lewis Wasserman have on Casey growing up? 


32:00 Casey’s shares his thoughts on philanthropy


33:24 What has been the biggest regret in Casey’s career?


34:07 Mental Health is now at the forefront of sports. Casey and Richard share about their own personal thoughts and experiences around the subject. 

This podcast is presented by:

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Hosted by: Richard Wolpert

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

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