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How to Program to a Global Audience of
7B with Warner Media’s Christy Haubegger

One of the most powerful women in entertainment, Christy Haubegger, explains how Warner Media is moving into the future with HBOMAX, CNN, Warner Brothers, TNT, Cartoon Network and more. And how they are choosing diversity because it drives bigger audiences, not only because it's the right thing to do!

Christy Haubegger, the Executive Vice President, Communications, and Chief Enterprise Inclusion Officer of Warner Media, joins Richard to discuss the process of programming content for a global audience. One of the biggest challenges for a company like Warner Media is ensuring they are catering to an audience on the international scale, rather than solely American media. Christy's goal is to ensure content reflects the interests and culture of their audience by bringing the level of rigor and and analytics to the idea of equity and inclusion. What she has found is that diverse casts in films have incremental audience opportunities. Christie is spearheading ways in which diversity and equity are reflected in movies, because movies shape our culture and how we view the world. 

As content streaming services diversify and evolve, the ways in which media networks measure success changes. Rather than basing performance off of metrics such as ratings, media companies use demographic such as specific regions and different age groups. They are also tasked with obtaining loyalty from their consumer base - something that is growing exponentially more difficult as streaming platforms emerge and transform.


In this episode, Christy and Richard discuss:

  • How Warner Media has moved from a wholesaler to a retailer with HBOMAX and upcoming CNN+

  • The wealth of IP that is part of Warner Media

  • How Christy used and uses Data Science to prove that movies with a diverse cast do better

  • How anyone can become a storyteller with just their phone

  • What 3 movies caused Christy to move her entire life to LA to be in the film business

  • And why Salma Hayek takes Christy's call and not Richard's

This podcast is presented by:

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Hosted by: Richard Wolpert

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

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