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How to go from $10,000 and Working in a
Small Apartment to Selling Your Company
for Over $100,000,000 with
Founder and CEO of Jukin Media Jon Skogmo

The ultimate content creator: the “King of Viral Video,” founder and CEO of Jukin Media Jon Skogmo, discusses how licensing and monetizing video clips on digital platforms and being an early adopter of YouTube helped him sell his company for over 100 million dollars.

Skogmo began his media career working as a casting intern for big budget films such as Batman Begins and then worked for the creator of Judge Judy in the mailroom, where he sorted through audience-submitted VHS tapes (the “old-school” way of sourcing content).

Now the premiere, fast channel enterprise, Jukin Media wasn’t always an empire. It began as a start-up in Skogmo’s apartment, where his entrepreneurial spirit led him to license and monetize video clips. However, Skogmo made his fortune in obtaining the IP for video clips and selling them to broadcast channels. Jukin Media developed into an international company with offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, and New Delhi, becoming the ultimate generated content curator when it comes to video channels. Thus establishing Skogmo as one of the most successful and innovative content curators in tech history.


Jukin Media owns and programs fast channels such as People are Awesome, Fail Army, Pet Collective, and Weather Spy. Junkin also owns the licensing and rights to over 100,000 videos clips, including the viral sensations “Chewbacca Mom,” “Pizza Rat,” and “Tori Burns Her Hair.” 

Skogmo shares his experience in producing more than two hundred hours of TV programming for networks such as MTV, Discovery, Fox, and TruTV and divulges his predictions for how media and technology will either clash or converge for network channels. 

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Hosted by: Richard Wolpert

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

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