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'The First Lady of Crypto' Crystal Rose Pierce Forecasts Her Top Crypto Picks and the Legitimacy of NFTs

How did an anonymous 11 year old in an AOL chatroom become the 'First Lady of Crypto'? Crystal Rose Pierce discusses her inspiring rise in the technology industry, breaks down what NFTs are - and why they are here to stay - and shares her predictions for the next big crypto coin.


  • Crystal Rose Pierce shares how she began coding at the age of 11.  

  • How she has managed to keep her finger on the pulse of whats new, especially with Crypto -- having become involved early around 2012

  • How Crystal used her expertise to become one of the wealthiest women in Crypto, named by Forbes one of the top worm in BlockChain, and is often referred to as the 'First Lady of Crypto'

  • Crystal breaks down NFT’s in a way we can all understand: She gives examples of how NFT’s, especially for art, will have lasting value based on the digital signature that comes with every NFT that is purchased

  • We hear all about Crystal's NFT Art Gallery in Puerto Rico (the largest of its kind) that intermixes the world of digital art and physical art/space 

  • Which tokens Crystal is most excited about

  • And how and why she became the Chairperson for Miss World!

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This podcast is presented by:

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Hosted by: Richard Wolpert

Produced and edited by: AJ Moseley

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