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CurtCo announces the launch of a Podcast Network with Premium Recording Studios in Malibu

Malibu, October 09, 2019 — CurtCo Media announces the launch of its podcast network and content platform based out of its newly completed studios in Malibu, California. Having published and divested more than seventy media titles over its thirty-year history, CurtCo has a proven track record of building top-tier media brands, including Robb Report, which grew into an internationally respected luxury brand during the company’s tenure. Now, CurtCo has transitioned its content expertise into the exciting, fast-paced world of podcasting, and is already in production on its first six original series. Hosted by top authorities, celebrities and opinion leaders in their respective fields, the shows cover a wide variety of topics—including politics, medicine, Hollywood filmmakers, luxury cars, wines as well as engaging scripted narratives and comedies.

The CurtCo Media podcast network will release its first slate of six original shows including:

Politics: Meet Me in the Middle - co-hosted by Bill Curtis, who asks the hard-hitting questions, and Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Ed Larson, who uses his knowledge of our constitution and history to help high-profile politicians, business leaders, educators and opinion leaders bring divergent viewpoints to a common ground.

Cars That Matter - an in-depth exploration of what makes a car truly iconic, hosted by long time Robb Report “car guy” and well-known car connoisseur, Robert Ross. Guests range from head designers and executives from iconic brands to a series of the top rare car collectors.

Medicine, We’re Still Practicing - administered by Dr. Steven Taback, a solid dose of medical realism, featuring in-depth discussions with leading authorities throughout the medical profession, balancing excitement for the latest breakthroughs with current-day realities and human limitations.

Hollywood Unscripted - The Malibu Film Society presents a series of intimate conversations with A-list actors, writers, directors, and producers who create the films and television you love.

The Malibu Effect - the owners of The Malibu Times celebrate the unique culture, celebrities, authors, personalities, stories and perspectives that come from this world-famous seaside destination.

When Last I Left - an improvisational storytelling comedy extravaganza featuring some of the most talented comedy-improv actors in Hollywood, and guided—or sometimes derailed—by a series of submitted audience suggestions.

To set the right mood, CurtCo has selected musicians ‘Celleste’ and Eric Dick to compose and perform show themes & musical transitions.

“We are truly passionate and energized by this fast growing and exciting medium,” said William J. Curtis, Chief Curator and CEO of CurtCo Media. “We’ve surrounded ourselves with remarkable editors, producers, writers, social media powerhouses, nationally renowned leaders in their fields, as well as wonderfully talented actors and we are focused on this new golden age of radio. The human, story-telling element of podcasting gives us the power to engage with our audiences more intimately than traditional publishing ever could. CurtCo’s platform is poised to grow to dozens of original podcasts, all bearing CurtCo’s signature mark of inspiration and quality.”

CurtCo’s podcasts will be available on all major platforms, such as Apple, GooglePlay, Spotify, TuneIN, and Stitcher, as well as on and are distributed by Simplecast. This year, CurtCo will be working with a very select group of sponsors/partners that offer impeccable quality to our audiences. These products and services will be chosen carefully and be presented in highly entertaining host driven discussions.

Set along the famed Pacific Coast Highway, the company’s new Malibu studios overlook Carbon Beach, Nobu and the SoHo House. The space was designed from the ground up to provide a luxurious yet ultra-high quality recording experience. Up to five hosts and guests gather in a fully custom-designed podcasting environment - utilizing state-of-the-art equipment from YellowTec, Shure, Sennheiser, Apple, and Behringer. Tightly edited and highly produced, CurtCo’s podcasts will be music to your ears—and “Media for your Mind.”®

About CurtCo Media

After 30 years of building media brands, the new CurtCo Media is dedicated to creating, distributing, and hosting inspirational, authoritative, and sometimes, humorous high- quality podcasts from its custom studio environment overlooking the incomparably beautiful Malibu coastline. Producing audio and video content to the highest recording and editing standards, the CurtCo network will celebrate this fast-growing inspirational style of media by providing millions of sophisticated listeners with authoritative hosts, nationally recognized guests, talented story-tellers, and original music from world class composers and musicians.


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