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19 - Make it a Blockbuster Night

Chris folds laundry, makes a call back, and everyone dies.

RULE: Any sentence ending in an exclamation point must be sung.

Original air date: February 27, 2020

18 - Sexy and I Know It

Chris' saliva has magical properties.

RULE: When a new character is introduced, the host must make a sexy 'meow.'

Original air date: February 20, 2020

15 - Sometimes 21

The hosts thoughtfully tackle the generational divide in America by utilizing the power of fashion.

RULE: The hosts' names must be said in reverse.

Original air date: January 30, 2020

13 - The Chris Porter Experience

Chris learns something about himself.

RULE: When you change the scene, all the hosts have to 'count it in.' (A one! A two! A one two three four!)

Original air date: January 16, 2020

11 - BirdZ

The hosts have to save the New Year before it’s barely begun. Bucker up, Chup!

RULE: Whenever someone travels, they must do so by a different type of bird for each instance.

Original air date: January 2, 2020

09 - Every Time Micky Laughs, An Angel Gets Its Wings

The hosts go skating. Chris falls down.

RULE: If you mention a number, you have to sing it in the style of ‘Five Golden Rings’ from The Twelve Days of Christmas. SUBRULE: If you introduce a goat you have to give it to someone else. (But the hosts forget about the subrule for most of the episode.)

Original air date: December 19, 2019

07 - Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows

Making podcasts is a dangerous business--which the hosts discover on a group trip to Seattle.

RULE: When you say a name, you have to sing it.

Original air date: December 5, 2019

05 - Checkmate, Roundboys

The earth is flat. Who'd a thunk?

RULE: If you mention a food or drink, you have to break down the ingredients. 

Original air date: November 21, 2019

03 - The Quadratic Formula

Chris goes on a date with a dental hygienist. It ends at SpaceX.

RULE: You can't say the quadratic formula. 

Original air date: November 7, 2019

01 - The War on Storkybiddleybop

When Last I Left's first episode...after a bunch of 'lost episodes' you might never hear. Chris invents a holiday that launches a war with Narnia.

RULE: When you mention a location, you have to say 'Interior' or 'Exterior' accordingly. 

Original air date: November 4, 2019

17 - Cats in pYjamas

The hosts' mixed feelings about Valentine's are overshadowed by Chris' sudden casting in Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical. Ba dum dum pish.

RULE: Whenever the hosts mention someone other than themselves, they must say 'Ba dum dum pish.'

Original air date: February 13, 2020

16 - Marco Polo

Chris twerks and Elon Musk returns.

RULE: When someone says Marco, everyone has to say Polo.

Original air date: February 6, 2020

14 - Bad Luck

Chris wants to prove there's no such thing as bad luck--which is difficult to do because this is Chris we're talking about.

RULE: Whenever anyone says a name, they must precede it with a 'Sir' or 'Lady.'

Original air date: January 23, 2020

12 - Up In Smoke (with Truett Jean Butler)

Joined by their FIRST GUEST EVER, Truett Jean Butler, and the hosts win a bar trivia contest and change Catholicism (and the climate) forever.

RULE: When you mention a place, you have to compliment something about it.

Original air date: January 9, 2020

10 - Death Becomes Him

They’re currently filming Speed 6 and Speed 7 in Los Angeles.

RULE: When you introduce a character, you have to introduce them with a rap.

Original air date: December 26, 2019

08 - The Great Scooter Revolution

The hosts make a mistake and let a producer sit at the table 'off mic'. Chris uses the restroom and births a new era in human advancement. He also sucks at accents. (There’s also an animal parade...for the kids.)

RULE: If you mention an animal, you have to make the sound of that animal.

Original air date: December 12, 2019

06 - The Final Cornucopia

Friendsgiving doesn't go as planned when Chris is confronted by his family, his exes, and climate change.

RULE: If you mention food, you have to say something you're thankful for. 

Original air date: November 28, 2019

04 - Organ Fest 2019

Kua breaks the pause button. The hosts meet a vampire. And we discover Weird Al Yankovic's true identity.

RULE: For this episode, Micky's name is 'Minky.' 

Original air date: November 14, 2019

Time travel and murder combine to make...something. Chris wears bell-bottoms, at one point.

RULE: You can't mention any colors.

Original air date: November 4, 2019