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Would  you like to know how to get media exposure for your business or message? Abbey Gibb, a former Emmy winning TV journalist and TedX speaker breaks it all down for you in simple and attainable steps.

How do you perform under pressure? Do your nerves get in the way?

Olympic champion Julia Mancuso reveals how she prepares her mind for a race and how she stops negative thoughts from creeping in.

11 - Sandi Glandt

How are you spending your time? Where are you wasting your time? Create more time to do everything that makes your heart sing!

Identify  your time suckers and areas of stress and learn to implement systems that will make you more organized and less stressed.  Learn about Sandi’s 3D system and get inspired to delegate and say  "no" more often.

09 - Tara Mackey

When Tara’s suicide attempt failed, she decided that if she was going to live then it had to be a life that she could be really proud of: giving others hope. Let Tara’s story inspire you to see the light even in the darkest times.

07 - Debbie Lash

Debbie Lash, yoga teacher and health coach, shares about self-medicating, feeling lost, and hitting rock bottom. Debbie turned her life around and started a new career in her mid-forties, after making one powerful decision, resulting in many other great decisions that made her thrive again and regain her health. Debbie and Jill also share about their number one health tip, their 20+ year friendship, and how they like to challenge themselves and just say "yes” to life!

Ep 05 - Candace Van Dell

As a highly sensitive person Candace felt highly misunderstood; she was diagnosed with ADHD and started taking medication that numbed her feelings for the next ten years. An out of body experience at age 16 changed everything for her; she got off the medication and started to feel her real self again. Being highly sensitive is a gift that Candace uses to help others heal emotional wounds, getting rid of belief systems  and recognizing toxic relationships. She brings so much light and clarity to difficult subjects, she is a joy to listen to.

Ep 03 - Sarah Anne Stewart


A near death experience, a major health issue and a painful accident can make life seem unfair and unsafe. But WHAT IF these experiences are needed for radical change? Health coach Sarah Anne Stewart shares very personal stories that may help you look at some of the most difficult things in life as blessings in disguise.

Ep 01 - Nikki Sharp

An Intimate and honest conversation with wellness expert and best-selling author Nikki Sharp about social media detox, eating disorder recovery, failing, the power of thoughts and self love.

What makes you feel beautiful? Do you give yourself enough time to take excellent care of yourself?  Sarah sums up the 5 keys from her book “Supermodel You” that will help you make better decisions day-to-day.

12 - Renee Goble

Are you ready to step into your power? Letting go of relationships that no longer serve you, and making space for new uplifting, supportive friends and partners may be the start of re-discovering yourself. Join Jill & Renee as they also explore the power of talk therapy, dealing with depression, and how to lead by example.

10 - Jesse Golden

Is what’s happening to you, happening FOR you? Disease can be a teacher for us. Learn the power of reframing your personal story; What many would think of as an absolute nightmare, Jesse describes it as a humbling experience.

08 - Liana Werner Gray

Liana Werner Gray’s junk food addiction destroyed her body. When she discovered a golf ball size tumor in her neck and was diagnosed with early-stage cancer, she knew it was time do to the inner-work and heal this - addressing it at the root.  Restoring her health one bite at a time, introducing whole foods back into her diet, and eating foods straight from the earth inspired her to write her first book “The Earth Diet”

06 - Kim Strother

Trade your weight loss goals for experience goals. Focus on feelings instead of a number on the scale. Become your own food detective and fine tune your diet.  Let Kim’s nuggets of wisdom inspire you to make some lasting changes that you’ll actually enjoy. Kim was diagnosed with Lyme disease and  for two years of being sick and taking many courses of antibiotics she had to build her health back. One of the things that helped her was changing her diet;  from vegetarian to Paleo.

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 10.55.40
Ep 04 - Danny J

NEW BEGINNINGS with speaker and podcast host Danny J.  Let this episode inspire you to be brave when it comes to new beginnings, getting out of debt, becoming more resourceful and creating a life on your terms.  Danny J proves that there is hope and a bright future after divorce, losing income and being diagnosed with a terrible health condition.

Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 9.47.57 AM.png
Ep 02 - Christine Hassler


Are you dealing with a lot of disappointment and frustration? This episode is for you! Listen to this conversation with master coach and author of "Expectation Hangover" Christine Hassler for a new perspective, tips for improving love relationships and communication skills.

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