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 How does the impeachment trial play into the democrats election strategy? International Trade Attorney discusses the impeachment, Adam Schiff's comments and the Democratic candidates.

What is the role of the CDC in an infectious disease crisis? Will the refugee crisis cause an infectious disease pandemic? Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Suzanne Donovan joins to discuss the role of the CDC, the W.H.O. and preventing a Pandemic.


Will Roe v. Wade get overturned in the Supreme Court? And what is the effect the decision will have on women's rights and Planned Parenthood? Supreme Court Litigator Ed Warren and former News Anchor Laurie Dhue discuss  "settled law" and Roe v. Wade


Does the internet affect how the news media reports their stories? Jeff Cohen discusses how the news media has developed since the 1800s and do journalists today still follow the Journalism Code of Ethics? 

Steve Levitan.png

A smorgasbord of hot topics, with Steve Levitan and Jane Albrecht, ranging from Impeachment to Roe v. Wade to Trade Wars to Climate Change to Gun Control.

Eugene Volokh.jpg

If you want to learn how to argue your case involving the second amendment, guns, and "The right to bear arms," without sinking into name calling, this is the podcast for you. No yelling. No insults. Just an intelligent debate.

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Near the first anniversary of the Woolsey Fire in California, CA State Senator Henry Stern talks about his views on plastics, renewable energy including solar, fossil fuels, and how we can reduce our carbon footprint across the nation and in California. 

What is the effect of the Presidential Impeachment on the international community and the gulf states? Guest professor Dan Caldwell offers his take with Ed Larson as he speaks on the history of US involvement in the Middle East.


Supreme Court Litigator Ed Warren joins CurtCo's Bill Curtis, co-hosts Historian Ed Larson, and former News Anchor Laurie Dhue in a discussion of Executive Privilege, Environment, and Guns.


Why did the Founders establish an impeachment clause? Who decides what constitutes an impeachable offense? What is meant by "High Crimes and Misdemeanors? Is the President above the law? These are the topics tackled in this episode.


How do corporations dominate the US political system and media? Documentary Producer, Educator, and Media Critic, Jeff Cohen discusses media coverage and responsibility from the Gulf War to 9/11 to Trump's media takeover.

Eugene Volokh.jpg

Why aren't Facebook and other social media platforms held accountable for the content they post? The answer isn't as simple as you think.  UCLA Constitutional Law Professor Eugene Volokh discusses constitutional rights and protections.

Henry Stern 1.png

How does our US education system affect our economic status? Senator Henry Stern returns to discuss student loan concerns, job stability, technological advancements and state of Millennials addicted to their devices.