Politics: Meet Me in the Middle

Multi-award-winning author and renowned founding director of “The Difficult Conversations Lab” at Columbia University, Dr. Peter Coleman joins the show to chat about the incredible political divide and current polarization of the country. The panel illuminates how we got here, and what we might expect come December post-election.

42 - Counting the Vote with Former Secretary of State Robin Carnahan

Former Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan joins the show to discuss both technicalities and expectations to the very unique upcoming presidential election.

40 - The Whole World Is Watching with Civil Rights Attorney Carol Sobel

Civil Rights Attorney Carol Sobel discusses the challenges and offers solutions to police handling protesters and the homeless.

38 - The Economy Explained (Finally!) with MIT Economist Daron Acemoglu

MIT Economist Daron Acemoglu explains what the US economy is and what it is not.

36 - Empathy Vs Values: with Activists and Authors Gregg Hurwitz and Billy Ray

Screenwriter Billy Ray and Author Gregg Hurwitz explain why Conservatives and Liberals seem constantly at odds politically and how to best communicate with each other during polarized times. They suggest that, on many issues, we agree more than we disagree.

34 - Should Colleges Open in 2020? - The Students' Perspective

Should college campuses open in the Fall? Students from Ohio State, Concordia, Laurentian, and Elon universities offer opinions on whether schools should open and discuss the merits of online versus in-person learning.

Education and COVID: Will schools return to in-classroom teaching in the Fall? Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business discusses what parents, educators, students, and administrators are trying to figure out: what’s going to happen with colleges this Fall?  Will classes be on campus, online, or be offered as some kind of hybrid experience?

30 - Talking About Race in a Polarized Society with Dr. David Campt and Broadway Producer Ron Simons

Dr. David Campt and Broadway Producer Ron Simons have an open and frank discussion of race in America, the need for uncomfortable and difficult conversations and the importance of diversity of representation, including the work we need to do as a country  to continue affecting change, and ways the white community can educate themselves to become effective allies to the Black community.

28 - A Doctor Contracts The COVID-19 Virus with Dr. Varinder Singh

Coronavirus: What is it like to get it - and survive? The personal perspective of Dr. Varinder Singh - a physician who not only treats COVID-19 patients, but became a patient being treated for COVID-19.

Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale, Bruce Ackerman joins hosts, Bill Curtis, Ed Larson, and Jane Albrecht to discuss the constitutional concept  of "checks and balances” and how it may change during this pandemic.

The CARES Act and COVID-19: California Congressman Ted Lieu lays out his congressional action plan to expand Coronavirus testing, ongoing payments to workers, and how and when the country can re-open.

The 'Coronavirus Economy' - what is it and how will it affect the world moving forward? Economics Professor Dean Baim talks about the domestic, international, and personal effects of COVID - 19.

20- Dan Caldwell: Afghanistan and The Taliban - Part 2

Professor Dan Caldwell, author of "Vortex of Conflict: U.S. Policy Toward Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq" literally wrote the book on US policy regarding Afganistan, the Taliban, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


Journalist E.J. Dionne Jr. shares his thoughts on Joe Biden's and Bernie Sanders' Super Tuesday sweep with host Bill Curtis and co-hosts Jane Albrecht and Ed Larson.

jane Albrecht2.JPG

The Truth About The Coronavirus Outbreak: the good, the bad and how the World Health Organization and the US is responding to the worldwide epidemic.

Eugene Volokh.jpg

If you want to learn how to argue your case involving the second amendment, guns, and "The right to bear arms," without sinking into name calling, this is the podcast for you. No yelling. No insults. Just an intelligent debate.

What is the effect of the Presidential Impeachment on the international community and the gulf states? Guest professor Dan Caldwell offers his take with Ed Larson as he speaks on the history of US involvement in the Middle East.


Supreme Court Litigator Ed Warren joins CurtCo's Bill Curtis, co-hosts Historian Ed Larson, and former News Anchor Laurie Dhue in a discussion of Executive Privilege, Environment, and Guns.


Why did the Founders establish an impeachment clause? Who decides what constitutes an impeachable offense? What is meant by "High Crimes and Misdemeanors? Is the President above the law? These are the topics tackled in this episode.


How do corporations dominate the US political system and media? Documentary Producer, Educator, and Media Critic, Jeff Cohen discusses media coverage and responsibility from the Gulf War to 9/11 to Trump's media takeover.

Eugene Volokh.jpg

Why aren't Facebook and other social media platforms held accountable for the content they post? The answer isn't as simple as you think.  UCLA Constitutional Law Professor Eugene Volokh discusses constitutional rights and protections.

Henry Stern 1.png

How does our US education system affect our economic status? Senator Henry Stern returns to discuss student loan concerns, job stability, technological advancements and state of Millennials addicted to their devices.

In this special re-release, we revisit our episode with the polling expert from Monmouth University Mr. Patrick Murray. Patrick demystifies the world of poling and helps explain how we should and shouldn’t approach the results come election time. 

41 - The Making Of A President 2020 with Journalist Walter Shapiro

Journalist Walter Shapiro joins co-hosts Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht and Historian Ed Larson to discuss how the media's reporting has changed during this pandemic-altered campaign season.

39 - The Best Of Times, The Worst Of Times: Anthropologist Wade Davis Presents The Unraveling Of America

Anthropologist and author Wade Davis discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has caused America to decline and what can be done to revitalize the nation.

37 - It Is What It Is: A Debate About The Elections, Checks And Balance, and China with Don Schmitz

In support of President Trump, Government Affairs Consultant Don Schmitz contrasts the President's approach to governing with prior administrations. Historian Ed Larson explains why the President is not elected by popular vote. Trade Attorney Jane Albrecht debates the effectiveness of the U.S. relationship with China and NATO.

How secure is the Homeland? Expert Paul Rosenzweig shares the scope of Homeland Security regarding the recent protests in Portland, International Data Protection, and the pros and cons of mail-in voting.

33 - Should Colleges Open In 2020? - The President's View with David Leebron and E. Gordon Lee

Will colleges open in the Fall? Colleges and universities are under enormous pressure to at least partially open their campuses in the fall of 2020. Presidents David Leebron (Rice University) and Gordon Gee (West Virginia University) join host Bill Curtis to discuss school openings, online education, and whether institutions can survive in  a post-COVID environment.

31 - Polling, Politics, And Predictions with Patrick Murray, founding director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute

What are the polls saying? Patrick Murray, founding director of the Monmouth University Poll, talks about his 20+ year career conducting media polling and custom-designed research projects for a variety of clients including what he was seeing in polls pre-pandemic versus now, during these unprecedented times, and how the 2020 election might be affected.

29 - Are We Watching American Democracy Die? With Constitutional Scholar Bruce Ackerman

The perils of run-away executive power, the demise of journalism, and political campaigns being ruled by corporate finance rather than a citizen’s vote.  Professor Bruce Ackerman discusses safeguards against despotism in a democracy during times of pandemic and crises and offers an alternative solution to ending big money in politics.

What would happen if the Presidential election was cancelled and other challenges caused by COVID-19? With guests Jed Rubenfeld and Suzanna Sherry.

Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean Of Berkeley Law and Constitutional Scholar,  discusses our first amendment rights, civil liberties, and states' rights versus federal rights during quarantine and the pandemic.

23 - Constitutional Law Professor Adam Winkler: Legal Issues Around Coronavirus

Author and Constitutional Law Professor Adam Winkler discusses the legal challenges facing the country during - and after - the Coronavirus Pandemic.

World-renowned geologist, historian and public speaker, Naomi Oreskes talks about why science matters regarding COVID-19 and Climate Change.

Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Pepperdine University, Dan Caldwell talks about the historic and current US policy regarding Afghanistan, the Taliban, and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Melika Jahangiri & Rudy Salo

The future of public transportation: How does technology drive public transportation? Wunder Mobility VP, Melika Jahangiri, and mobilty advocate, Rudy Salo, talk about how the infrastructure of public transportation is driven by technology and where the future of public transport may take us.

Makan Delrahim.jpg

The most feared man in D.C.; The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger: What is an antitrust violation? How do Antitrust laws protect us as consumers? How do they protect businesses? Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim for the Department of Justice discusses consumer rights and the role of technology in government.

jane Albrecht2.JPG

13 - A Politics Hot Topic Episode - The Democrats present their impeachment case

 How does the impeachment trial play into the democrats election strategy? International Trade Attorney discusses the impeachment, Adam Schiff's comments and the Democratic candidates.

What is the role of the CDC in an infectious disease crisis? Will the refugee crisis cause an infectious disease pandemic? Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Suzanne Donovan joins to discuss the role of the CDC, the W.H.O. and preventing a Pandemic.


Will Roe v. Wade get overturned in the Supreme Court? And what is the effect the decision will have on women's rights and Planned Parenthood? Supreme Court Litigator Ed Warren and former News Anchor Laurie Dhue discuss  "settled law" and Roe v. Wade


Does the internet affect how the news media reports their stories? Jeff Cohen discusses how the news media has developed since the 1800s and do journalists today still follow the Journalism Code of Ethics? 

Steve Levitan.png

A smorgasbord of hot topics, with Steve Levitan and Jane Albrecht, ranging from Impeachment to Roe v. Wade to Trade Wars to Climate Change to Gun Control.

Eugene Volokh.jpg

If you want to learn how to argue your case involving the second amendment, guns, and "The right to bear arms," without sinking into name calling, this is the podcast for you. No yelling. No insults. Just an intelligent debate.

Henry Stern 2.png

Near the first anniversary of the Woolsey Fire in California, CA State Senator Henry Stern talks about his views on plastics, renewable energy including solar, fossil fuels, and how we can reduce our carbon footprint across the nation and in California. 

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