Cars That Matter

McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty Group, joins for a wide-ranging conversation discussing the initiatives being created by the company to spark a love of classic cars in the next generation, the future of car collecting, and the importance of preserving the stories behind cars.

Eddie Sotto is joined (virtually) by Robert Ross, Co-Founder of RossMadrid, noted automotive writer and podcast host, to finish their conversation about watches, the future of automotive design, and the importance of authenticity in the automotive landscape.

Bert Voet, co-author of "Carchitecture: Houses with Horsepower," discuss the book, the relationship between cars and architecture, and the value of owning a car for a long time.

55 - Sam Fiorani and AutoForecast Solutions

Sam Fiorani, of AutoForecast Solutions, discusses the disruption of electric vehicles, the global market shift into trucks and SUVs, and the future of the car collector industry at large.

53 - Rich Truesdell, Mark Fletcher, and "1970 Maximum Muscle" Pt. 1

Rich Truesdell and Mark Fletcher discuss their upcoming book "1970 Maximum Muscle" and do a two-week deep dive into the history, design, and impact of the American Muscle Car on automotive history.

51 - Scott Williamson and Photodesign Studios Pt. 2

Scott Williamson, expert automotive photographer and Founder of Photodesign Studios in Orange County, joins for the second part of their conversation talking about the cars they lover, the importance of car ownership and preservation, and the future of the automotive collecting industry.

49 - Matthew Hranek and "A Man & His Car"

Matthew Hranek, author of "A Man & His Car" (which features Robert Ross) and founder of The William Brown Project, discusses his book, the importance of car stories, and a few other aspects of the current state of luxury and style.

American drag racer Don "The Snake" Prudhomme, member of the Motorsports Hall of Fame, and automotive writer Elana Scherr join to discuss their new book 'Don "The Snake" Prudhomme: My Life Beyond the 1320' which chronicles Don's life, achievements, and advice for pursuing a career in cars.

45 - The Jenkins' Volkswagen Bus

Preserving a piece of history: 'Most vehicles that sit outside unattended for four decades aren’t destined to ever move again. But this 1966 Volkswagen Type 2 Deluxe Station Wagon isn’t just any Bus – it’s a piece of civil-rights history, and a memory of a family that spent decades working to make the country a better place.'

43 - Paul Mathers and Auto Royale

Paul Mathers, the event director of Auto Royale, discusses various Concours D'Elegance, how Auto Roayle is going to be unique for car collections, and the importance of car events, in general.

41 - Rob Sass, Porsche Club of America, and Panorama Magazine

Rob Sass, Editor in Chief and Content Director of Porsche Club of America and Panorama Magazine,  discusses all things Porsche. By examining how Panorama has developed and interacted with PCA members over the years, the two men take detours to discuss what Porsche means to them.

39 - Diane Parker and the Historic Vehicle Association

Diane Parker, Vice President of the Historic Vehicle Association, discusses the organization, its purpose to document and preserve the history of American automobiles, and share some personal stories about the cars that have already been placed on the National Registry. 

Bonus - "Classic" Cars That Matter - David Gooding with Gooding and Company 

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the launch of "Cars That Matter," were re-releasing our very first episode (from 2019)!  Robert Ross is joined by Bill Curtis and David Gooding to discuss automobile auctions, the car collecting market, and the future of the industry.

36 - Frank Mandarano and Maserati Club International

Robert is joined (virtually) by Frank Mandarano, founder of the Maserati Club International, for part one of a two-part conversation to discuss his love for the car marque, how MIE Corp was created, and the future designs and collectability of the make.

34 - Pete Evanow and "Nissan Z: 50 Years of Exhilarating Performance"

Robert Ross is joined by Pete Evanow, author of the book "Nissan Z: 50 Years of Exhilarating Performance" to discuss Z history, the impact the six generations of the Z-Car had on the automotive industry, and what the future might look like in the collectible market.

32 - Jay Gillotti and "Gulf 917"

Robert Ross is joined by Jay Gillotti, author of "Gulf 917." The two men cover in great detail not only the Gulf program, as operated by Porsche, but consider the impact the car had on history, car enthusiasts, and how to approach writing a book about cars in the first place.

30 - Jay Beever, Embraer, and Designing Luxury Pt. 2

Jay Beever, Vice President Embraer Design Operations, continues his conversation with Robert Ross (online) to finish their discussion about designing luxury and how Jay's past of designing with Ford Motor Company led to his specialty in designing private jets.  

28 - David Salvaggio and SpeedKore

David Salvaggio, Co-Founder, Vice President, and Lead Builder of SpeedKore Performance Group, joins Robert Ross (online) to discuss the special cars David has worked on, the place of carbon fiber in the restoration and automotive design industry, and what David sees on the horizon for car enthusiasts.

26 - Christophe Georges and Bentley Americas

Christophe Georges, President and CEO of Bentley Americas joins Robert Ross (online) to discuss the history of the iconic Bentley brand, exciting recent developments, and automobile luxury.

24 - Andrew Romanowski and Lamborghini Club America

Calling all Lamborghini lovers! Andrew Romanowski, President of Lamborghini Club America, shares his passion, history and future of this iconic brand and what made it the marque it is today!

22 - Freeman Thomas: Part 2

From Lamborghini to Porsche to Bentley and more: Car design - where has it been and where is it going? Robert Ross and Freeman Thomas, continue their conversation about the history, and more importantly, the future, of automotive design.

20 - Paul Spires and Aston Martin Works

Paul Spires, President of Aston Martin Works, talks everything Aston Martin from James Bond to the DB6 Vantage and the history and future of this iconic brand.

18 - Terry Karges and The Petersen Automotive Museum

Terry Karges, Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum, shares the museum's history, re-design, and future, how the public can access the museum's offerings during quarantine, and more.

Eddie Sotto of Sotto Studios, an experiential designer with an expertise in automobiles and luxury, shares his experiences and ideas of care design, immersive experiences and what prompted his early fascination with cars.

Robert Ross is joined (online) by Brandon Starks, Executive Director of the Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, FL. Robert and Brandon talk about the unique history behind the cars of the collection, talk about the collection's unique approach to sharing its story with visitors, and what cars they want in their own personal collections.

Roger Griffiths, BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team Principle, joins for the Season One finale to discuss car racing and the future of car technology.

Bill 3.JPG

What really makes a car matter? - A conversation not to be missed! Robert Ross sits down for a one-on-one conversation with Bill Curtis, creator of Cars That Matter, to discuss their shared history and differing opinions on cars and all the things that make them matter.


10 - Dennis Glavis & Morgan Motor Cars

From the iconic Morgan Motor Company, Robert Ross is joined by Morgan West owner, Dennis Glavis - Morgan aficionado, and racing and car collecting devotee - to discuss the history and future of the iconic Morgan automobile.

Cars Final Tile large.jpg

Elana Scherr, automotive journalist and car enthusiast - having written for HOT ROD, Roadkill, Automotive Magazine, and Car & Driver, talks with Robert about her passion for motorcycles, their similar automotive journalism history, how she developed her passion for cars and the future of car collectibles.


Following the release of Ford V. Ferrari, Robert Ross shares previously unheard conversations he had with Carroll Shelby over the years, introducing you to the man behind the legend and reviewing his place in history.

Cars Final Tile large.jpg

What will the cars of the future look like? How does function create an obstacle for design in the future of luxury cars? Ian Cameron and Verena Kloos continue their conversation in part 2 of their episode.


Calling all Porschefiles! Robert Ross is joined by 000 Magazine creators Pete Stout & Alex Palevsky to talk everything Porsche and the creation of their magazine.

Dustin Krause, Director of E-Mobility at VW, discusses his recent cross-country road trip in the new 2021 VW ID.4, the future of electric vehicles, and what electric vehicles mean to you.

Eddie Sotto is joined (virtually) by Robert Ross, Co-Founder of RossMadrid, noted automotive writer and podcast host, to discuss Robert's passion for cars, his expertise in the luxury market, and where he thinks luxury might go in the future.

56 - Charlie Randall and McIntosh Labs

Charlie Randall, Co-CEO of McIntosh Group and President of McIntosh Labs, discusses their involvement with the latest line-up from Jeep, all things car audio, and the future of sound reproduction.

54 - Rich Truesdell, Mark Fletcher, and "1970 Maximum Muscle" Pt. 2

Rich Truesdell and Mark Fletcher return to finish their conversation about the history, design, and impact of the American Muscle Car on automotive history.

52 - Greg Stanley and The Collector Car Podcast

Greg Stanely, host of The Collector Car Podcast (the official podcast of RM Sotheby's), joins to discuss his show, his insights into the collector car market, and to give some advice about the near-future of the auction landscape.

50 - Scott Williamson and Photodesign Studios Pt. 1

Scott Williamson, expert automotive photographer and Founder of Photodesign Studios in Orange County, joins for a two part discussion to discuss automotive photography, the importance of documenting cars, and how photographing cars ultimately changed Scott's life.

48 - Jakob Greisen and Bonhams' 10th Anniversary Scottsdale Auction

Jakob Greisen, Bonhams VP of US Motoring, joins to discuss the upcoming 10th Anniversary Auction in Scottsdale, AZ, discussing the cars up for sale, how the auction will be conducted online, and the future of automotive collecting.

46 - Jon Housholder and "Best in Class: The Making of a Concours D'Elegance"

Jon Housholder, the Sports Emmy-winning director of such documentaries as "Best in Class: The Making of a Concours D'Elegance," "The Golden Hour: The Making of Days of Thunder," and "Unrivaled: Earnhardt vs. Gordon," discusses automotive documentaries and Jon's own passion for cars.

44 - Donald Osborne and the Audrain Automobile Museum

Donald Osborne, CEO of the Audrain Automobile Museum, discusses the museum, its recent Concours and Motorweek, and Donald's passion for collecting automobiles.

42 - Paul Bruno and "The Original Jeeps"

Paul Bruno, author of "The Original Jeeps" and "The First Jeep" discusses the unlikely and exciting origins of a truly iconic car in American history, how it helped win World War 2, and how it evolved into the Jeep  we know today.

40 - Russell Hayes and "Volkswagen Beetles and Buses: Smaller and Smarter"

Prolific automotive author, Russell Hayes, discusses his newest book "Volkswagen Beetles and Busses: Smaller and Smarter". They discuss the origin of the cars, the impact the vehicles had on society, and how Volkswagen may be positioning them for the future.

38 - Brian Howard and Automobile Conservation

Conservation vs Restoration. Brian Howard, Head Conservationist at B.R. Howard & Associates to discusses automobile conservation, some of the truly significant projects he's worked on, and exactly when a collector might want to consider alternatives to restoration.

37 - Frank Mandarano and a Tour of Italian Cars

Frank Mandarano, founder of the Concorso Italiano and event organizer for the Car Guy Tour Italia, returns for part two to discuss his love of Italian cars, the role he has played in celebrating their originality, and the ways in which you can have first-hand interaction with those automobiles. 

35 - Jack Roush Jr. and Roush Performance

Robert Ross is joined (virtually) by Jack Roush Jr. of Roush Performance to discuss his racing career, the Roush Performance lineup, and Jack's thoughts on the balance between luxury and performance on Cars That Matter.

33 - Jim Warlick and Bonhams' "The American Presidential Experience" Auction

Jim Warlick, owner of "The American Presidential Experience," which is going to be auctioned off through Bonhams,  shares about the collection, the importance of those cars, their impact on history, and how the auction will benefit the Worker's Legacy Foundation which was founded by Jim.

31 - Curtis Saunders and his 1914 Model T

Robert Ross is joined (online) by Curtis Saunders about his 1914 Model T. The two discuss the impact of the car in automotive history, what Curtis had to do to restore it, and what future automotive developments might be as important as the Model T--all while sharing some fascinating personal stories along the way.

29 - Jay Beever, Embraer, and Designing Luxury Pt. 1

Jay Beever, Vice President Embraer Design Operations, joins Robert Ross (online) to discuss the what luxury truly means, how 'crossover design' in commerce can result in a better product, and what the future of luxury might be in this first part of a two part episode.

Wayne Carini, host of 'Chasing Classic Cars' on television and owner of F40 Motorsports joins Robert Ross (online) to discuss Wayne's talent for locating and restoring classic cars as well as his thoughts on the changing car collector industry.

25 - Jack Chisenhall and Vintage Air

From Vintage Air: Jack Chisenhall, President and Founder, and recipient of the Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award, shares his experiences retrofitting older, classic cars with new systems, his time driving on the Bonneville Salt Flats, and what will be the future for 'historic cars'.

23 - Patrick G. Kelley and "IMAGINE! Automobile Concept Art from the 1930s to the 1980s"

Robert Ross is joined (online) by Patrick G. Kelley, author of "IMAGINE! Automobile Concept Art from the 1930s to the 1980s." to discuss the history and evolution of car design.

21 - Freeman Thomas: Part 1

Having worked with Porsche, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler, Ford and more, car designer, Freeman Thomas, shares his incredible insights into the current automotive design landscape and what the future of car design might hold.

Chris Theodore, author of 'The Last Shelby Cobra: My Time With Carroll Shelby', discusses his book and his own very involved history with cars and his work with the people who created them.

Form Follows Fantastic! Robert Ross and Eddie Sotto jump right back into their discussion in part 2 by delving into Eddie's Rolls Royce car design meant to accompany the Skyacht, the design & development of the Regatta, Eddie's time with Ed Roth and so much more! 

[Recorded March 12, 2019 prior to the Safer-At-Home Ordinance.] Robert Ross is joined by Ryan ZumMallen, author of 'Slow Car Fast.' Robert and Ryan talk about the current generation of car enthusiasts and the future of automobile collecting.

 Season One Highlights: Part 2

Robert Ross shares the rest of his personal favorite highlights from Season One of Cars That Matter! Featuring William Harlan, Bruce Meyer, Brett Anderson, Elana Scherr, Dennis Glavis, Roger Griffiths, and Bill Curtis

13 - Roger Griffiths

Roger Griffiths, BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team Principle, joins for the Season One finale to discuss car racing and the future of car technology.


A revisit of inspiring stories about cars and deep thoughts about wine in selected and condensed stories from the Cars That Matter's episode "William Harlan and The Napa Valley Reserve."

Cars Final Tile large.jpg

How do cars shape our lives and drive our passion? Andy Cohen shares his lifelong passion for cars and how collecting the cars he's loved has influenced his life.

Since recording Andy has sadly passed away. But we feel this episode serves as a fitting tribute to Andy.


Great cars and extraordinary wine: combing two loves; Recorded at the Napa Valley Winery, William Harlan, Bruce Meyer and Brett Anderson talk about their history of car collecting, the cars they've loved and the history of Harlan Estate.


Andreas Thurner, VP of Design at Karma Automotive, discusses what led him into automotive design, the cars that inspired, and continue to inspire him, and where the future of automotives may be.

Cars Final Tile large.jpg

How does the design of a luxury car draw you in? Ian Cameron of Rolls Royce and Verena Kloos of Designworks and BMW discuss their design contributions to the luxury car industry.


What makes cars worth collecting and how do car auctions really work? Guest David Gooding, President of Gooding & Company, joins Robert Ross and Bill Curtis for this first episode to discuss what really makes a car matter.

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