From Vintage Air: Jack Chisenhall, President and Founder, and recipient of the Petersen Lifetime Achievement Award, shares his experiences retrofitting older, classic cars with new systems, his time driving on the Bonneville Salt Flats, and what will be the future for 'historic cars'.

Robert Ross is joined (online) by Patrick G. Kelley, author of "IMAGINE! Automobile Concept Art from the 1930s to the 1980s." to discuss the history and evolution of car design.

Having worked with Porsche, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler, Ford and more, car designer, Freeman Thomas, shares his incredible insights into the current automotive design landscape and what the future of car design might hold.

Chris Theodore, author of 'The Last Shelby Cobra: My Time With Carroll Shelby', discusses his book and his own very involved history with cars and his work with the people who created them.

Form Follows Fantastic! Robert Ross and Eddie Sotto jump right back into their discussion in part 2 by delving into Eddie's Rolls Royce car design meant to accompany the Skyacht, the design & development of the Regatta, Eddie's time with Ed Roth and so much more! 

[Recorded March 12, 2019 prior to the Safer-At-Home Ordinance.] Robert Ross is joined by Ryan ZumMallen, author of 'Slow Car Fast.' Robert and Ryan talk about the current generation of car enthusiasts and the future of automobile collecting.

Robert Ross shares the rest of his personal favorite highlights from Season One of Cars That Matter! Featuring William Harlan, Bruce Meyer, Brett Anderson, Elana Scherr, Dennis Glavis, Roger Griffiths, and Bill Curtis

Roger Griffiths, BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team Principle, joins for the Season One finale to discuss car racing and the future of car technology.


A revisit of inspiring stories about cars and deep thoughts about wine in selected and condensed stories from the Cars That Matter's episode "William Harlan and The Napa Valley Reserve."

Cars Final Tile large.jpg

How do cars shape our lives and drive our passion? Andy Cohen shares his lifelong passion for cars and how collecting the cars he's loved has influenced his life.

Since recording Andy has sadly passed away. But we feel this episode serves as a fitting tribute to Andy.


Great cars and extraordinary wine: combing two loves; Recorded at the Napa Valley Winery, William Harlan, Bruce Meyer and Brett Anderson talk about their history of car collecting, the cars they've loved and the history of Harlan Estate.


Andreas Thurner, VP of Design at Karma Automotive, discusses what led him into automotive design, the cars that inspired, and continue to inspire him, and where the future of automotives may be.

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How does the design of a luxury car draw you in? Ian Cameron of Rolls Royce and Verena Kloos of Designworks and BMW discuss their design contributions to the luxury car industry.


What makes cars worth collecting and how do car auctions really work? Guest David Gooding, President of Gooding & Company, joins Robert Ross and Bill Curtis for this first episode to discuss what really makes a car matter.

Calling all Lamborghini lovers! Andrew Romanowski, President of Lamborghini Club America, shares his passion, history and future of this iconic brand and what made it the marque it is today!

From Lamborghini to Porsche to Bentley and more: Car design - where has it been and where is it going? Robert Ross and Freeman Thomas, continue their conversation about the history, and more importantly, the future, of automotive design.

Paul Spires, President of Aston Martin Works, talks everything Aston Martin from James Bond to the DB6 Vantage and the history and future of this iconic brand.

Terry Karges, Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum, shares the museum's history, re-design, and future, how the public can access the museum's offerings during quarantine, and more.

Eddie Sotto of Sotto Studios, an experiential designer with an expertise in automobiles and luxury, shares his experiences and ideas of care design, immersive experiences and what prompted his early fascination with cars.

Robert Ross is joined (online) by Brandon Starks, Executive Director of the Brumos Collection in Jacksonville, FL. Robert and Brandon talk about the unique history behind the cars of the collection, talk about the collection's unique approach to sharing its story with visitors, and what cars they want in their own personal collections.

Roger Griffiths, BMW i Andretti Motorsport Team Principle, joins for the Season One finale to discuss car racing and the future of car technology.

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What really makes a car matter? - A conversation not to be missed! Robert Ross sits down for a one-on-one conversation with Bill Curtis, creator of Cars That Matter, to discuss their shared history and differing opinions on cars and all the things that make them matter.


From the iconic Morgan Motor Company, Robert Ross is joined by Morgan West owner, Dennis Glavis - Morgan aficionado, and racing and car collecting devotee - to discuss the history and future of the iconic Morgan automobile.

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Elana Scherr, automotive journalist and car enthusiast - having written for HOT ROD, Roadkill, Automotive Magazine, and Car & Driver, talks with Robert about her passion for motorcycles, their similar automotive journalism history, how she developed her passion for cars and the future of car collectibles.


Following the release of Ford V. Ferrari, Robert Ross shares previously unheard conversations he had with Carroll Shelby over the years, introducing you to the man behind the legend and reviewing his place in history.

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What will the cars of the future look like? How does function create an obstacle for design in the future of luxury cars? Ian Cameron and Verena Kloos continue their conversation in part 2 of their episode.


Calling all Porschefiles! Robert Ross is joined by 000 Magazine creators Pete Stout & Alex Palevsky to talk everything Porsche and the creation of their magazine.

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