56 - “Old Bones” by Andy Earnshaw

A changing society. 

Release date: 6/5/20

54 - "Dear Little Varut” by Varut Chee

A letter to a younger self. 

Release date: 6/3/20

52 - "Pg 1" by Andrey Psyche

A poem of love and connection.

Release date: 6/1/20

An outpouring of love. 

Reaching out with a song.

Hearing from Dad.

Determination on the precipice of adulthood. 

Insights gathered from time in a pandemic. 

A journey into a family bond.

Celebrating beauty in imperfection.

An adventure out to see Willie Nelson. 

A purpose to battle the darkness.

32 - "A Cottage in Nova Scotia" by Carter Vance

A life together in Nova Scotia.

A bit of drama in the neighborhood.

A case for the MOST American Song.

A sonnet, a song.

A song in the dark.

 22 - “AD4M” by John Patrick Daly

An important day at Zephyr Industries.

A singer and her ukulele.  

A poem of a shared physical experience.

Finding her passion. Finding herself.

Dear Baseball...

A relationship faded.

Mr. Smee dances it out with you! A moment to share with your kids.


An explosion.

Creating in a time of isolation.

She starts training for everything at once...

A moment with Coda the Cat.

55 - “Maybe” by TJ Jun

Finding the time to complete a song. 

Release date: 6/4/20

53 - "Inspiring the World” by Sonam Sharma

A liberation of the soul. 

Release date: 6/2/20

A rat-tat-tappin poem. 

The first environmentalist he knew. 

Remembering Mike.

Someone to talk to. 

Sugar cube learning.  

Guided through turmoil by the gift of laughter. 

Lessons learned in recovery. This episode is created in partnership with More Than You See.

Leaning into passion.

A dance.

Christina finds where she belongs.

Things missed.

The space where we begin to heal.

Seeking to know my soul.

A teacher inspired by her student.

A conversation with the leading expert on Unicorn Land.

A sea of words from a young poet. 

Remote Teaching; A Sketch! (Thank you to all teachers!)

What brought us together. 

Breaking out of this solitary confinement.

Harmony from heartbreak.

Escaping the worry with a moment of music.

A moment of eye contact.

A few moments of observation.

Saxon arrives at his dream job.

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